Gyumri Gallery




Gyumri’s Renaissance

For decades, Gyumri was an economic and culturally influential city under Ottoman, Armenian, and Soviet control. The city’s name changed from Alexandrapol, its old Russian name, to Leninakan to reflect Armenia’s entry to the U.S.S.R. in 1924. During this period, the city grew as an industrial center for the Soviet Union. At the time of the earthquake, Leninakan’s factories employed almost 50,000 people. After Armenia achieved its independence, the name of the city reverted to Kumayri , its ancient name, until finally settling as Gyumri in 1992. The city was rebuilt with the help of international governments and NGOs. Today, Gyumri continues building upon its dynamic legacy, known for its rock bands, growing IT industry, and the many artists and creative workers who reside there.